Sunday, November 28, 2010


This morning I woke, in a half, half kind of way.
Depending on what bed sheets I sleep on, I can have good, bad or mediocre slumber time.
This morning however, I had slept on the special sort of sheets, which I find always allows me to have a peaceful night sleep.
My rising and shining was over a duration an hour, and in that time I gradually stepped out of sleep at a rate that left the majority of my mind and body in limbo.
So this morning, I got to spend a brilliant hour in the purgatory lands of dreaming and waking.
I turned over, stretched and switched sides from time to time. Each movement felt surreal. I couldn't feel my body moving that much, and yet my mind elaborated each movement into a brilliant, flamboyant choreography.

Limbo land is the best place to be.

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