Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bit about Blake

This is my darling Blake. We have been friends for a steady 3 years now, and known each other since the dawn of year 7. I can remember just how shy he was back in 2007, whilst he's changed in many ways, he's still the same Blake. Except, now he's all spaced, and pierced. He's getting a tattoo behind his ear soon. He's designing it, I'm pretty sure... I wonder what he'll get.

Anyway, this is a photo of him that I snapped with my disposable. That's his teddy bear Patch, and the black blob near his ear is his spacer. The thick bracelet on the right of his wrist is one that I gave to him. It was originally a gift from Indonesia for me, from an old, old friend, but not the best friend at that: so I didn't wear it. (Didn't really like it anyway) But ever since Blake started off his own bracelet collection, I've since donated around 4 or 5 bracelets to him. Including that one. (most of the others are broken now, but hey, what can you do..)

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