Sunday, November 28, 2010

I like to draw


This morning I woke, in a half, half kind of way.
Depending on what bed sheets I sleep on, I can have good, bad or mediocre slumber time.
This morning however, I had slept on the special sort of sheets, which I find always allows me to have a peaceful night sleep.
My rising and shining was over a duration an hour, and in that time I gradually stepped out of sleep at a rate that left the majority of my mind and body in limbo.
So this morning, I got to spend a brilliant hour in the purgatory lands of dreaming and waking.
I turned over, stretched and switched sides from time to time. Each movement felt surreal. I couldn't feel my body moving that much, and yet my mind elaborated each movement into a brilliant, flamboyant choreography.

Limbo land is the best place to be.

Tumblr Rumblr

Tumblr is insanely mind numbing after a while.
It's manipulated the idea of blogging into a fast past stream, that loses all meaning of words and well constructed sentences.
You find yourself continuously blogging and reblogging to suit your followers tastes.
So for now I'm giving up on tumblr, and resorting back to good old blogger. (:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bit about Blake

This is my darling Blake. We have been friends for a steady 3 years now, and known each other since the dawn of year 7. I can remember just how shy he was back in 2007, whilst he's changed in many ways, he's still the same Blake. Except, now he's all spaced, and pierced. He's getting a tattoo behind his ear soon. He's designing it, I'm pretty sure... I wonder what he'll get.

Anyway, this is a photo of him that I snapped with my disposable. That's his teddy bear Patch, and the black blob near his ear is his spacer. The thick bracelet on the right of his wrist is one that I gave to him. It was originally a gift from Indonesia for me, from an old, old friend, but not the best friend at that: so I didn't wear it. (Didn't really like it anyway) But ever since Blake started off his own bracelet collection, I've since donated around 4 or 5 bracelets to him. Including that one. (most of the others are broken now, but hey, what can you do..)


Tumblr; which has been my late blogging conversion, is gradually becoming more 'public' to my 3D life. What I mean is, because of it's growing popularity, I'm finding more and more of my friends and peers following me. That doesn't go down too well with rants that are specifically centred around the people that people that are following me, so I'm reverting to blogger for now.
And if I don't like it, I might try Wordpress.

No one is reading this, but if someone does drop in for a butcher's hook, may this come as a salutation to you.

I haven't been eating healthily of late, for me at least, so I've decided to go on some fasting before the year ten formal.. which is in fifteen days. I don't have any scales at home, so I'm not sure how well this will work. It's not like something I normally do or anything, and I assure you it's not as bad as it sounds. Simply, Im going to stop snacking, eat according to the basics of the reverse diet, and halve o
r 3/4 my serving of dinner. That and some sit ups before bed should help me get in shape and lose this awkward state of chubby, off before the 25th.

Here is a photo of my formal dress:

It's not what I wanted, but hey, I can jazz it up with some seamed stockings, black pumps and a black scarf and WALLAH!