Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No one reads my posts...

... But that's okay. Eventually I will have a message from someone, not just now, but with time.
I can't blame them though, I've rarely used my blog, and who wants to read about the trivial lifestyle of a bland 15 year old girl? (mind you, i'll be turning 16 soon; the age of consent, woo-ee!)

First I must refine my writing skill. (Yes, that was a reference Sims 3)
Secondly, I must actually obtain some kind of lifestyle worth writing about.

Did you hear that my sister bought a puppy?
He's around 14 weeks old, and is a chihuahua, maltese, shih tsu, and foxy cross. A deadly combination of some of the most annoying canines into a lovely well behaved (for a puppy) Oliver.
Yes, his name is Oliver.
My parents have coined his nickname as Ollie, which corresponds awkwardly with one of my best friends. So I prefer to just call him Oliver. "Sit Ollie," is just far too weird for me.

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