Friday, December 4, 2009

From the Pages, to the Big Screen.

Most people can be divided into two categories; those who read books, and those who watch films. For most people in category 1, they'll go out and watch the film of an adapted novel. On the other hand, people in category 2 are usually too lazy to pick up the adapted book in the first place. I myself am in category 1. I read books, and if they're adapted into film, I'll be sure to go out and spend a few bucks to sit in sticky seats with a cramped neck just to see it.

Of course there are the minorities, but let's not focus on them just yet.

Some of the major films in west
ern culture have been devised around novels. The first 5 that pop into my head would be;
☺ the gracious Harry Potter
☺ the seemingly never-ending Dinotopia
☺ ever so descriptive, Lord of the Rings
☺ countless Stephen King novellas and novels i.e Carrie, The Green Mile and Stand By Me
☺ and shan't we forget our good pal Twilight.

In that short list, are some of the best and worst manipulations of novels that I, myself, and many others have both been in love or pained with. Im sorry Stephanie Meyer, but Twilight is just not up there. If anything, its lingering around forgotten apple cores, and rotten sandwiches of the list. Firstly, can someone tell me what the fuck happened in the first movie? .. that's right, just about nothing. If I hadn't known any better in New Moon, I would've thought that it was aimed at homosexual adolescents. Seriously, never have I seen so many unintentional penis fest shots. Those La Push boys... no comment.

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